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“Are You Ready to Banish the Financial Blues and Make Your Money Dreams Happen?”

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If you said YES let’s do it.

This online Women & Wealth Masterclass gives you the means to make more, save more and do more of what you love.

I’m giving you the keys to the door to a richer life in every sense of the word (without the guilt trip).

Plus, for a limited time only…

… when you sign up for the Masterclass you can get special access to my exclusive coaching (usually reserved for my highest-paying clients) as a FREE gift.

I really want a money-blocks breakthrough for you. It’s time to change your money story and create the life you deserve.

Who Is This Masterclass For?

This masterclass is designed for women who no longer want to put with feeling second-best around money.

You want more financial freedom for better life balance

You’re just not sure how to achieve it.

You may want to escape the clutches of debt, manage your mortgage or find a place of your own. You may be looking to have that holiday you’ve been promising yourself, treat the family or simply get a break.

Maybe you have a goal in mind or know you need a plan for retirement.

Just for once, you’d love to be in total control of your finances and know where you’re going.

This masterclass is for you.

What’s It All About?

At its heart this 3-hour masterclass gets you ‘out of your head’ and into action. It helps you be confident about money – and making money.

Forget the gender gap. Ignore the gremlins on your shoulder.

It’s time to get real about money.

This Masterclass opens the doors of possibilities. It lets you:

Develop and deepen your wealth mindset

Learn good money habits

Understand the power of investing (it’s not just a plaything for rich guys)

Discover practical ways to create mid-to-long-term assets

Get crystal clarity about what you want from life

Create a plan for making it all happen

Discover a range of resources and support to help you along the way

What Will I Get From This?

This Masterclass covers everything you need to get moving with money.

Get the kick start (or gentle kick up the backside) you need. Find inspiration and ideas for creating the future you’ve long dreamed of. Feel energised and motivated to make it happen.

Enjoy a holistic approach with serious intent. The road to wealth on the outside begins from the inside.

Explore and overcome your own internal blocks around money and riches. Get your mindset right and you’re ready to move forward.

Dispel those myths.

Banish those old fears. Your anxieties and worries are about to turn to dust.

You will learn just how easy it is to get started on the path to wealth (but also hear about the traps and pitfalls to avoid).

This goes way beyond ‘Law of Attraction’ or outdated models for money-making. This is a 21st century approach for the smart-thinking woman.

On This Masterclass You Will Learn How To

Fix your money ‘story’ for good

Deepen your understanding of my 3-step philosophy for wealth

Improve your financial confidence

Strengthen your personal money mindset

Get your financial education up to speed

Develop an investor mindset (move over, guys)

Get into GOOD habits

Put practical ways to grow your money into action

Access innovative ways to create long-serving financial assets

This deep-diving Masterclass gives you all this for just $99 USD.

Places are limited for good reason.

Each online Masterclass is designed for a group of about 30 women. I’m keeping the numbers deliberately small. It’s so I can bring the right mix of people together and create a powerful yet intimate coaching experience.

It gives you the best chance of achieving the mindset breakthroughs you need to change and fix your money story once and for all.

Secure your seat now for the next online Masterclass.

And if you’re quick there’s a FREE BONUS OFFER for you.

What is the Free Bonus Offer?

For a limited time only, every person who books on my Masterclass will be given access to exclusive special training – the kind usually reserved for my highest-paying clients.

Why am I doing this?

Because I really want you to make this money stuff happen for you.

My daily consulting rates start from $5,000 USD per day but you can get exclusive access to my coaching as a free gift when you enrol on my Masterclass today.

So, when you sign up for this online training I’ll give you these four FREE EXTRA BONUSES to help you make your money story breakthrough…

Bonus #1:
Financial Freedom Planner

I’m giving you the beautifully designed and practical Financial Freedom Planner to make 2019 your best year yet.

Bonus #2:
Thank & Grow Rich Affirmations

I’m giving you my personal Thank & Grow Rich MP3 recording of powerful wealth affirmations to dissolve your money blocks. Use this 15-minute MP3 once a day for at least 21 days to create a powerful new money mindset.

Attract Wealth & Success Meditation

I’m also giving you a personal 15-minute MP3 recording of my guided Attract Wealth & Success meditation. This will help you relax and get yourself into a positive vibration so you can attract abundance and manifest what you desire effortlessly.

Bonus #4:
Email Support

I’m giving you unlimited email support for 90 days after the Masterclass to help you gain money momentum. Put your plan into action.

This extra coaching and support is designed to help you plan, put things into practice and to make the learning stick.

This is your time. Let’s do this together.

But remember.

Places on these live Masterclass sessions are limited and in high demand. It’s first-come first-served so make sure you don’t miss out.

Secure your spot on the Masterclass now and all four FREE BONUSES are yours to keep.

Does Tehmina Zaman Run The Masterclass?

Hi, it’s Tehmina here.

Yes, absolutely. I will be your guide for this comprehensive 180-minute webinar (don’t worry, we cover a lot of ground but there are plenty of breaks along the way).

What can I tell you about myself?

I’m a business coach, investor and entrepreneur. The founder of Empower and Enrich.

My mission is to help women master their money mindset, grow their wealth and do more of what they love.

I truly believe if people put their mind to it anything is possible.

I’ve set up businesses offline and online (some more successful than others). I’ve coached women to start and grow their own businesses. I’ve helped people pursue their true purpose and passions in life.

I’ve made money, lost money. Had money. Not had money. I know which side I prefer… I’m sure you’re with me on that one.

I’ve used the strategies I share in the Masterclass to give me a good living and hundreds of others have done the same. You can too.

Do join me and start your own journey to long-term wealth.

What Women Like You Are Saying...

Tehmina is extremely supportive and has a natural flair for bringing out the ‘best in you.’ She always encourages you to self-reflect and reach your full potential. Her honesty and integrity are also highly commendable. Thank you for helping me to recognise my true worth!
Shazia Hussain
Tehmina has great energy and passion whenever she talks. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed as much about finances in my life! She has a rare talent for communicating her vast knowledge about mindset, blockchain and cryptocurrencies in a clear, succinct way. It was a real privilege to learn from her.
Zoe Cuckow
It’s wonderful to share and hear that we aren't alone. Every woman has a valuable story to tell and shame is a big factor in finance for women. Highly recommended!.
Karen Arthur
I was touched to hear some of the women's stories and their financial journeys. Well done for creating the safe atmosphere which enabled that!
Tsivi Sharett
I've realised there is something out there that will get me to where I want to be financially in a fraction of the time! This training was a real eye opener. Thank you Tehmina!
Tally Nothey
Informative, empowering and fun! It was refreshing to see a woman presenting the facts about cryptocurrencies and I am looking forward to mining. Keep up the good work!
Angela Edmondson

How Does It Work?

Book yourself on the next available Women & Wealth Masterclass. (You can check the dates and times on the registration page)

It’s an online webinar delivered via Zoom. So all you need is your laptop, computer, tablet device or smartphone.

Once booked you’ll get a link to join the Masterclass at the allotted time.

This is a THREE-hour online session. On the day we start at 3pm (UK time) and finish at 6pm (UK time). If you are outside the USA then it’s 10am-1pm. You’ll get a reminder nearer the time so leave the detail for now.

What’s most important is this.

I’ve got some amazing training, learning and know-how to share with you. Plus there’s plenty of practical stuff to get your teeth into throughout the Masterclass.

The more you put in the more you’ll get out of the session. But nobody will be put in the spotlight or forced to show their face on camera.

Simply turn up. Take part. Listen and learn.

Take notes if you wish. Chip in if you have a question or want to add something in Chat.

And don’t worry. I’m not a slave driver. You will get breaks along the way. That’s a promise.

We’ll cover things like mindset… how to create a vision for your life… how to put together your personal freedom plan… a bit of financial education to give you the basic skills you need… some magic with numbers…

PLUS practical and innovative ways to achieve passive income… tools and resources to help you create assets… and a roadmap for financial freedom.

Phew! I did say we would be covering a lot of ground together.

Once you’ve got this you’ll be on your way.

So let me ask you.

Are you ready to start earning more, saving more and enjoying life more?

P.S. And remember…

Book your Masterclass now and I’ll give you four special bonuses for free:

Financial Planner

Beautifully designed and practical. Make 2019 your best year yet!

Wealth Meditation

Tehmina’s MP3 recording of a guided wealth meditation. Relax, attract abundance and manifest what you desire effortlessly.

Wealth Affirmations
Tehmina’s MP3 recording of powerful wealth affirmations to dissolve your money blocks.

Email Support

Unlimited email support for 90 days after the Masterclass to help you gain money momentum. Put your plan into action.

Are you ready to make this your special year?