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That’s the thing about money.

We love it. We hate it.

If we don’t have enough we’re struggling to get more. If we do have it, we’re in a battle royal to hang on to it.

No wonder money is such a fierce source of stress, worry, anxiety, confusion and hopelessness for so many women. Especially those who still dream big.

And it just feels so unfair.

No matter how hard you work or how much you earn, there’s too often too little (if anything) to show for it.

You take three strong strides forward then two halting steps back.

However hard you try you find yourself under-earning, undercharging and overspending. Often over-thinking and playing smaller than you know you are.

On the outside you wear the rosy mask of “I’m OK”. On the inside it’s a different story.

The anxiety weighs on your beating heart, the confusion messes with your head and the sense of overwhelm is suffocating.

Work-life balance is just a joke. Financial freedom is like a taunting pipedream. It’s just not happening how it should be.

And what really sticks in the throat is this.

You know people who make more than you – even though you’re smarter and more talented.

But the GOOD news is this.

You can change your money story. You can enjoy greater financial freedom.

But too many women make this understandable mistake. They believe all you need to do is change what you do.

They’re wrong.

The secret to a richer life (in every sense) sits on the deep inside.


I help women master their money mindset, grow their wealth and do more of what they love.

My holistic ‘inside out’ approach has helped me and hundreds of other women to break free from the shackles of daily struggle… and lead a life where we can thrive.

You can too.

It all starts with planting a seed.

You see, to deal with our money issues we need to go deep within. We need to explore not just our feelings about money – but also our feelings about ourselves.

Here’s an uncomfortable truth.

The state of our net worth is a direct reflection of our self-worth.

Your self-worth and money are deeply intertwined. When you struggle with one you inevitably struggle with the other.

Many women have big dreams but experience blocks which prevent them from happening. A single pivotal event may be all it takes to hit the brakes hard… a break-up, a business failure or a deal gone pear-shaped.

Their self-worth takes a beating. Their confidence shatters like an exploding mirror.

It doesn’t have to be like this.

“It forced me look at how I felt about money, my finances, even the career path I was on. I realised why it felt like I’d been treading water most of my life.”
sylvia Lewis
“Looking at your relationship with money is uncomfortable but it was worth it to release my money blocks and start moving past the issues that have held me back for years.” 
Julie Mitchell

There is a way to change your money story – for good.

I can show you how in my FREE webinar about how to Clear Your Money Blocks.

Experience for yourself how to uncover and clear those limiting beliefs. You know. Those ones which sit and nag on your shoulder week in, week out.

Clear your money blocks. Change your money story.

In this free 60-minute webinar you’ll discover:

The REAL reason(s) why you don’t have the money you want

Why ‘The Law of Attraction’ is not enough to win you wealth

How to overcome your money blocks and think richer thoughts

The FIVE childhood emotions which shaped your current bank balance

How to ease anxiety, worry and woes – and be more money confident

If you want a better relationship with money so you can do more of what you love – this webinar is for you…

You deserve to hear the truth.

You can join this webinar wherever you are. On your computer, tablet or smartphone. NO venue costs. NO travel required. NO pressure to interact, share your story or show your face to camera.

Simply show up. Follow along. Take notes if you wish.

I’ll be sharing some of the proven strategies which have worked for me and hundreds of others. (And, no, it’s NOT ‘The Secret’ or ‘The Law of Attraction’)

Just 60-minutes of your time to help get you on the right path with money.

Let me be your guide. Take part and start to change your money story.

Join me on this free webinar…