Introducing The Wealth Club and The Mastermind:

Choose Your Path to Financial Freedom

You are here because you want things to be different.

Different around money. Different with your life.

No longer willing to settle for the status quo. You know you deserve more.

It’s all too easy for women to feel trapped, stay stuck or drift away from their passion. Used to putting others first for so long they often forget to look after themselves.

The result?

Women working long hours, running on autopilot, and stuck in roles as fulfilling as watching paint dry.

Feeling worn down, exhausted and often taken for granted.

It leaves some thinking this is how it’s always going to be. (They’re wrong).

Believing they’re too old to go after their dreams. (They’re wrong).

Maintaining that ‘coping’ is the same as being in control. (Wrong again).

And what about the women who DO decide to do something about it?

They often fall into familiar traps…

They try to change their situation without first changing their thinking – their money mindset.

They try to run before they can walk – with no clear vision, no precise plan and no passion-fuelled purpose to provide sustainable drive and motivation.

They try to act the martyr and go it alone – without asking for help or support.

Mistakes which usually end in three steps forward and two steps back. Hard yards earned through sanity-breaking struggle, and worthy yet needless slog.

It doesn’t have to be this way…

Life and money can be MUCH easier for women.

It’s why I created Empower and Enrich.

It’s why I created The Wealth Club.

It’s why I created The Mastermind.

A way to help women break through the limiting beliefs, barriers and obstacles to leading the life they truly want to lead.

Not a life imposed on them. Not a life settled for.

Not a life of fret or worry.

But instead, something to lift the spirits.

Picture it.

A life full of richness, passion, vitality, energy and rewarding purpose.

You are more confident around money. There’s more in the bank at the end of each month.

You wake in the mornings looking forward to the day. More energy, more self-belief, more ease.
You are on your way to creating the freedom and life you dream of.

Take it from one who knows.

I know first-hand the struggle and stresses of not having money, not being financially prepared and not knowing where to turn.

When my dad died suddenly my mum was left widowed at 38 with nine kids, no education and barely a word of English.

My prime teenage years were spent not playing with friends but dealing with social security, solicitors, the bank and even the police.

Tough, tough, tough times.

On top of my own experiences I saw what was happening to other women in the community.

Women held back by lack of education, being forced into marriages they did not want, domestic violence and abandonment.

Women trapped without money of their own and unable to reach their dreams or potential.

I was not going to let my past determine my future.

Neither should you.

Today is the start of your new tomorrow…

It’s YOUR time

If you want financial freedom it is there for the taking. First, you must want it.

REALLY want it. Then decide how you are going to make it happen.

You may want enough to be comfortable.

You may want to know you can meet the mortgage, rent and bills each month. You
may want to start or grow a business. You may want a side project to run alongside
your career.

You may want to plan for something special or for your later years.

Whatever financial freedom means for you…

It’s time to choose your path

With my help, you can go one of two routes; The Wealth Club or The Mastermind.

Get a feel and sense of which is right for you here.

We just leveled the playing field for you.

Option #1 – The Wealth Club

The Wealth Club is an exclusive online private members area for my wealth go-getters.

It puts people on the path to financial freedom through education, internet tools and
technology (without the need to be a tech wizard, phew!).

It’s for women who understand the cost of their current situation – in terms of working hours, career, income, health, family, relationships and the rest…

… they want things to change but are unsure how to go about it.

The Wealth Club offers you a way to create additional income streams, with a
business or without a business.

A means to master money (rather than let it continue to be the master of you).

It’s time to take charge of your financial education, secure your future and create your own economy. You can be in control, regardless of what’s happening in the world.

No more relying solely on your job, business, hubby, partner, family, friends or the Government to bail you out.

The Wealth Club allows you to dip your toes into a world which excluded all but the very rich… Until now.

You don’t need bags of cash to get going. You don’t have to have or start a business to be part of this. You can do it alongside whatever else you are doing. 

Tehmina was highly recommended to me as a business coach for women. Her speciality is in helping women develop financial independence with multiple income streams and I wanted to find out more!

It’s clear Tehmina knows what she’s talking about, especially in some of the more innovative asset classes (like cryptocurrencies).

Her no-nonsense approach inspires immediate confidence and I definitely recommend her if you are serious about making money.

~ S. Arieli

This puts you in control

It’s a rolling membership, paid monthly. You’re not locked in. You can stop at any time.

You may have wanted to learn about the financial markets but been put off by the big price tag on those training programmes.

You may have heard terms like Forex, trading, equities, cryptocurrencies, bitcoin, investing and equity crowdfunding – and are a little curious. About them or how they might be relevant to you – or even work for you.

The good news is you can get involved for a low monthly amount.

The Wealth Club provides a one-stop platform to get started today – without having to invest thousands.

Set up is straightforward – and you get help with that. Then you are free to learn at your own pace from your laptop, tablet or smartphone.

But you won’t be on your own. The learning takes place online in a vibrant community with other ‘wealth builders’ from around the world. Your guides are experienced professionals who have worked in their respective fields for years.

For so many years, getting involved in financial markets required high level tech skills or being super smart. The combination of this platform and the internet means it is now much simpler, more accessible and more affordable than ever before.

Women now have a level playing field. It’s no longer a game solely for the rich guys.

This lets you take charge

You can start small, try it for yourself. Watch, learn and implement as little or as much as you want. It’s your call.

You decide how you want to put your money to work.

Alongside, there’s sound education around the principles of good money management and personal finance. Things like budgeting, saving, getting out of debt and cutting your tax bill.

Your membership subscription to The Wealth Club is just $199 per month.

So whether your goal is to earn a few hundred dollars a month or prepare for retirement, you now have the opportunity to make it happen.

It’s not for everyone so let’s talk first.

To see if The Wealth Club is right for you, book a free 20-minute call with me

There’s no obligation. No commitment. This is for you if you want to learn how you can put your money to work. Let’s get your questions answered!

Step into your bigger vision.
(Yes, it is meant to be.)

The Wealth Club is one option. But you may prefer a second path…

Option #2 – The Mastermind

Everyone deserves to be happy.

But how many people do you see living their dream career, dream business or dream life?

Not just a good life or comfortable life. But a great life.

A life filled with passion, purpose and the deepest sense of satisfaction.

The truth?

Very, very few people.

The reason?

Because the strategies to create such a life are still largely unknown, the secret of a fortunate few.

Not something taught in school, college or university. Not something most parents pass down. Not something the elite are likely to share with the masses.

But it doesn’t mean these strategies are beyond your reach. Far from it.

Introducing The Mastermind…

This exclusive 90 Day programme is for women who have big ideas, big plans or love the idea of building a big legacy.

A path to create a life aligned with what’s closest to your heart.

I created The Mastermind for entrepreneurial, money-minded women who want to find their purpose in life.

A way to give birth to that business idea they have been carrying inside for years.

A way to grow their confidence and self-belief – along with their assets.

A way to create their impact on the world in a meaningful way.

This is for women who desire a deeper sense of satisfaction and want to experience a rejuvenated love for life.

They may have taken some knocks along the way. Suffered some setbacks. Wondered if it will ever happen.

Women with the gumption to say they have not given up on their dreams.

Picture it now…

Imagine waking up every day with excitement, energy and clear purpose.

Doing what you love. Aligned with your values. Making a difference. Experiencing flow like never before. Using your brilliance to change the world – and your future.

The Mastermind helps you get clear, develop the mindset required and find the right ‘vehicle’ for achieving your vision of financial freedom.

It is a bespoke programme.

Tailored to give you what you need to succeed.

It guides you through the THREE phases covered in my Masterclass.

1. Heal Your Money Story – to remove lingering money blocks

2. Craft Your Bold Vision – to outline your dreams and vision

3. Develop Your Money Map – to create a plan for making it happen

But this time we go deeper.

The Mastermind is ready to serve you, wherever you find yourself right now.

You may have the seed of a business idea but are unsure how to monetise it.

You may have an idea for a business but not yet got it off the ground – or only got off to a spluttering start.

You may have started something but life ‘got in the way’ and now it’s on the back burner – or gathering dust somewhere.

Or perhaps becoming an entrepreneur is not on your mind.

It’s something else instead.

You might be a professional offering services in the ‘helping people’ business – like a consultant, trainer, therapist, counsellor or coach. Possibly thinking of adding a digital product to the mix, building your audience or improving your messaging.

You might be a woman leader seeking a side project. Something to get your teeth into. Something to raise money for a rainy day or your latter years. Something to free up more time for you to make your mark on the world.

You might want to include The Wealth Club membership in your plans – you can do that as part of your Mastermind programme if you wish.

Whoever you are now. Whatever you do now. However small or large your dreams…

… The Mastermind provides a path to help you make it happen.

This programme goes beyond the ‘Law of Attraction’. It’s much more than pure personal development.

The Mastermind gives you clarity.

The Mastermind gives you the right financial mindset.

The Mastermind gives you BIG picture thinking.

The Mastermind gives you the strategies for success.

The Mastermind gives you a model for making it happen – tailored to your dreams.

I’ll be with you every step of the way.

I’m Tehmina Zaman.

Your mentor. Your trainer. Your coach. Your guide.

Here to hold your hand. Here to help you with clarity, focus and encouragement.

You’ll have the benefit of my learnings during my own personal 15-year journey through business, money and self-discovery.

I’ve experienced corporate world. As an entrepreneur I’ve set up my own businesses, online and offline, and enjoyed more successes than not.

Personal development is also a BIG thing for me.

My coaching career was shaped by the brilliance of people like Louise Hay, Bob Proctor and Randy Gage. A blend of business, spirituality and success strategies for life.

I’ve helped women create online businesses but also recognise not every woman wants to become an entrepreneur.

They may want financial freedom through another path.

That’s why The Mastermind programme is bespoke, tailored to you.

I’m here by your side to support you.

Each and every step of the way.

Plus, of course…

… You’ll have the loving help and accountability of a small, select group of women on their own personal journey to a richer, fuller life. Your cheerleaders.

Together we will help you achieve more

In a safe, friendly and non-judgemental space you’ll have the chance to move forward along the path to your financial freedom.

Remember, I’ll be here to help you when you have a wobble (and most of us experience a wobble now and again).

In fact, it’s often the getting started which people find toughest. Too many options. Too many choices. Too much information. Too much to do.

It can quickly lead to feelings of confusion, overwhelm, nagging stress and analysis paralysis.

The end result? You stop before you’ve started.

This is where I see so many women stutter and fall by the wayside. Riddled with self-doubt, and without a support network, they go back into their shell. Return to the limiting ‘caged’ life they had hoped to leave. Shrug their shoulders and mutter ‘maybe it wasn’t meant to be’.

But not this time!

With The Mastermind you have me in your corner backing you EVERY step of the way. Plus your cheerleaders to keep you going.

Together we help you meet and overcome challenges, push through and stay on track.

Let’s put an end to the mundane, dull and dusty. Let’s break through that inertia and cut through the fog which keeps so many women feeling trapped and playing small.

Let’s help you find or rediscover the real you. Imagine each day more energised, more fun, more fulfilling, more magical and simply more joyful.

Shazia Hussain

Tehmina is extremely supportive and has a natural flair for bringing out the ‘best in you.’ She always encourages you to self-reflect and reach your full potential. Her honesty and integrity are also highly commendable. Thank you for helping me to recognise my true worth!

Zoe Cuckow

Tehmina has great energy and passion whenever she talks. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed as much about finances in my life! She has a rare talent for communicating her vast knowledge about mindset, blockchain and cryptocurrencies in a clear, succinct way. It was a real privilege to learn from her.

Here’s what we’ll cover in The Mastermind



Sometimes the only thing getting in the way of having money is us. Our mind and the stories we tell ourselves.

The Mastermind is designed to help you overcome the saboteur within – for good. Time to end those thoughts of “can’t”, “won’t” or “it will never happen”.

They do NOT serve you.

We build on what you learned during the Masterclass and go for a deeper cleanse. Remember, this is an ongoing process and the work we do will help you…

You’ve got this.



Now you have insights and realisations about your money story it’s time for a life-changing shift in mindset around wealth.

This is where you conquer any lingering fear and build rock-solid belief that you can do this.

You can have money. You can live comfortably.

Wealth is whatever you want it to mean.

The Mastermind will give you clarity. The Mastermind will provide focus. The Mastermind will help to align your path to financial success with your big, bold and beautiful purpose on this earth.



When money is a bit of a struggle it may be a sign things are out of synch with your TRUE purpose.

It doesn’t matter how hard you work. How many hours you put in each week. How much you ‘wish’ for better.

If your life or work is out of alignment with your values and deep-rooted passion, the chances are it will be reflected in your finances… Income levels… The money spare at the end of each month… The amount of ‘fun’ stuff you get to do without a care.

But if you want to set the intention for creating your future, you have to “see” it first. The Mastermind is about bringing your deepest dreams, hopes and aspirations to the fore.

The Mastermind helps you discover your “Why”.

I’ll show you how to:



A wealth mindset is one thing. Putting it into daily practice is another thing.

You might have just enough to get by. You might be making good money yet still find little to show for it at the end of the month. You may have a decent wedge of cash to play with.

The difference between those who have wealth and those who do not is in how they treat and use their money.

The Mastermind guides you through the down-to-earth essentials for managing what comes in – and what goes out.

You’ll be shown how to:



When you master your personal finances it creates space for growth.

It’s time to look at how you design your own natural path to wealth.

During The Mastermind we’ll help you to:

You’re on your way!



Anyone can have an idea for business or making some money.

But how do you know it’s a good idea – or a profitable idea? How do you know it will work? How do you test it without wasting time and good money down the drain?

By the end of The Mastermind programme you will have the answers:



It’s all well and good having ideas. To make them work requires action.

And that can be easier said than done.

Because time is short. You’re busy. You may have a career. You may have family to feed and look after. You may have a lot going on in your head. You may be stressed. You may not always have the energy.

Going it alone can be a tough and lonely road. That’s the beauty of being part of this Mastermind community.

You benefit from the magic ingredient – unconditional support.

We’ve got your back on this one.

Yes, you’ll have to do the work but imagine how much easier that is going to be with myself and a small group of women who understand EXACTLY what it’s like to do this…

You could go it alone.

But why would you? It’s simply more reassuring to know you have support and encouragement when life throws you a curve ball (as it often does).


This is more than an investment in the power of The Mastermind process.

It’s an investment in YOU. It’s you choosing to back yourself to win.

When you clear your money blocks, adopt a wealth mindset and have clarity about your direction – that’s when the magic happens.

I know it’s easy to say. But this really is a life-changing 90 Day programme.

This is your opportunity to become the mistress of your destiny.

This is a way to turn your dreams and ambitions into reality.

This is YOUR time.

However, this is NOT a “done for you” service. There is work involved. It will require commitment on your part.

And if you are willing to show that commitment you will reap the delicious benefits.

Here’s a summary of what The Mastermind includes:

Just so you know…

… this kind of bespoke mastermind programme would typically be priced in the $10,000 to $20,000 range.

But I’m giving you the chance to be part of The Mastermind for a lot less.

Here’s why.

This is a new programme for me and it’s in beta testing mode. The foundations are solid, the principles are sound. I just want to find ways to make it EVEN better than it is.

Your participation and feedback will help me do that.

In return I can pass on a BIG saving to you…

Ignore $20,000. Forget about paying $10,000. I want you to be part of this. I want to make it easy for you to say “Yes” and take control of your life.

Your one-time investment in The Mastermind is just $1,500 for a single up-front payment.

OR you can choose the payment plan option.

That works out at THREE monthly payments each of $665 (total payment of $1,995)

Either way, it represents great value. Everything you would expect from a luxury premium Mastermind programme for a LOT less.

And There’s More…

You also get these three bonuses for free

Because I want you to get the most out of The Mastermind, I’m adding in these extra layers of support for FREE if you join now.

BONUS #1: Access to Private Facebook Members Group

Be part of this exclusive group for members of The Mastermind. A place to ask questions, find answers, hear ideas and seek inspiration.

You are bound to have questions. I am in this group daily to answer these and more. In this group, you are part of a select community of women ready to offer support and accountability to help each other get there.

BONUS #2: Receive an EXTRA Month of Coaching (FREE)

The Mastermind gives you 90 days of coaching with a weekly group call. With this bonus you get an extra month of coaching free. That’s FOUR months’ coaching for the price of three.

I’m committed to your success. I understand that sometimes lightbulb or ‘Aha’ moments may not be experienced within the first 90 days. It can take longer for them to materialise. It’s why I’m giving you this additional month of support.

BONUS #3: Private Email Access to Tehmina (for 4 full Months)

Between coaching calls or when working through exercises, it’s likely you may have questions or want a little help.

That’s why I’ve included this bonus. You can get support via email for the 90 days of The Mastermind plus one extra month beyond. A total of four months access. We’re in this together.

But remember.

Places Are Limited – For VERY Good Reason

I’m restricting The Mastermind programme to a MAXIMUM of 10 women.

That’s because I want to give each member 100 percent of my focus, attention and support.

The planned small group size is 8-10 people. Cosy enough for the individual touch yet also with enough numbers to help each other as a whole.

This is a bespoke, personalised and tailored programme

I’m going to be mentoring, coaching and training so it’s important that we can work well together. I also want the dynamic of this small and super supportive group to be right.

The way we sort all that out is through a brief Clarity Call.

Step 1: Click the ‘Clarity Call’ button below

Step 2: Fill out the short form which appears

Step 3: Provide 2 dates you are free for Tehmina to call (via Skype or WhatsApp)

The Clarity Call is free and at this stage you’re not committing yourself to anything.

It’s a conversation to find out more about you and for us to decide if The Mastermind with me is a good fit for us both.

Who is The Mastermind programme for?

This 90 Day tailored programme is for women who want more from life.

It’s a kickstart. It’s a step-by-step approach. It’s a sprint to get things done and build momentum.

The Mastermind is here to help entrepreneurial, money-minded women make things happen.

Women with so much to give yet still searching for their true purpose.

Women with ambition. They know they want (and deserve) more from life but are not quite sure what that looks like yet.

Women who feel unfulfilled and are wondering “Is this it?”

You may have had to focus on family or others for a big chunk of your life. Now it’s time to focus on you.

You’re here for a reason.

Here to make an impact.

Here to create wealth.

Here to leave a legacy.

You want financial freedom but are not quite sure how to get there. You know you can achieve great things once you have the right clarity, focus and support in place.

You are ready to tap into your power and say YES to life.

However, this programme is NOT for you if…

1. You are lazy or not prepared to do the work
2. You don’t like to be challenged
3. You are negative and like to complain
3. You’re a man (sorry guys – there may be something for you another time)

And just to be clear on another point.

The Mastermind programme is NOT a ‘done for you service’.

You get the guidance and support you need to make things happen. But it’s down to you to do the work and follow things through. (it’s why we include an accountability system to help you stay on track).

I had the privilege of working with Tehmina and she helped me go from a brand new author to making 1,000+ book sales in my best month.

Tehmina’s professionalism and understanding of her client’s needs were second to none and she far exceeded my expectations. She was instrumental in helping me accomplish my business goals and I can honestly say that her kindness, mentoring and enthusiastic personality were the main reason I stayed in the game as a newbie to online marketing.

I was worried about the steep learning curve. But Tehmina broke everything down step-by-step and guided me seamlessly through the process, and I can recommend her without hesitation!

~ E. Amornette

Why joining now gives you the best deal

The Mastermind is a tailored, personalised programme which gives you everything you might need to start making it happen.

You get a step-by-step guide towards financial freedom. It works in three parts:

1. Heal Your Money Story
2. Craft Your Bold New Vision
3. Develop Your Money Map

You get coaching, mentoring and support – from me, Tehmina, and the group. You get the encouragement, back-up and inspiration to cut through any old beliefs, self-doubt or overwhelm around money.

  • A bespoke 90 Day programme designed around you
  • Small group size of 8-10 women – get all the individual attention you want
  • A weekly Mastermind call, including Q&A, to create breakthroughs
  • Regular email support to keep you moving forward
  • A friendly ‘Accountability Buddy’ to keep you on track
  • Group sharing for support, encouragement and success celebrations
  • Training and mentoring in money mindset, vision creation and money management
  • Exclusive and private Facebook group membership for additional support
  • Strategy, guidance and advice around your business or wealth ideas
  • Practical steps to give you clarity, focus and sustainable momentum


Here are three reasons why you are getting the best deal on The Mastermind if you act now


For this kind of bespoke mastermind programme you could typically expect to pay anything from $10,000 to $20,000.

Because The Mastermind is in beta you won’t pay anything near that.

My complete 90 Day programme (including the 3 BONUSES) is yours for a single payment of $1,500.

(Or you can take the payment plan and pay 3 monthly payments of $665, which makes a total payment of $1,995).


This is the last time ANYONE can join The Mastermind at this low price. That’s because…

This current programme is in beta. The next time it runs it will be in FULL operational mode.

I will NOT be offering THE MASTERMIND at this price ever again. This is the BEST deal you will ever get on it.

Next time this bespoke programme is offered to people I expect to be charging DOUBLE the price. (Which means if you join now you could save yourself at least $1,500).


Included in your investment are THREE BONUSES – access to an exclusive and private Facebook Group, one month’s extra coaching and FOUR month’s email support.

Ask yourself the question.

Can you afford to wait and miss out on this deal now?

To make sure it’s a good fit for you (and a good fit for me) let’s have a conversation first.

What if I’m not sure which path to choose?

Let Me Help You Decide…

If you’re not sure whether The Wealth Club or The Mastermind is the best option for you, don’t worry.

Just jump on a Clarity Call with me and we can talk through your options.

The Wealth Club is for women who want to create additional income streams. With a business. Without a business.

A way to start on the path to financial freedom using technology, education and tools over the internet.

The Mastermind is for entrepreneurial, money-minded women who want to find their purpose in life.

An opportunity to bring a business idea to life. An idea which may have been held inside for years. OR a chance to grow your confidence and self-belief, along with your assets.

A place for women who want to make a difference in the world – beyond money alone.

And remember, if you’re in The Mastermind you can also choose to include membership of The Wealth Club as part of that. But you don’t have to.

Whichever path you take, it is designed to help you make more, save more and live more.

A chance to break through the fog and stop playing small. An opportunity to create a more fun, authentic, magical, joyful and deeply fulfilling life.

Find the way which best suits your lifestyle and aspirations.

You may find a little clarity conversation helps.